Natural Dyeing as Connection to Place

In today’s rushed world, we often don’t slow down enough to look at the connections within our lives and with the world around us.  Using nature as a source of inspiration, subject, and medium to record and express the world is well known throughout history.  In this lecture, we will look at natural dyeing as a connection to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Natural Dyeing for Quiltmaking

The use of natural dyes is becoming of greater interest as we think about sustainability, slowing down, and mindfulness.  There are many makers working with natural dyes.  In this lecture we will look at the value of natural dyes and their viability and accessibility to the modern quiltmaker.  We will look at the work of those using natural dyes, discuss the overall process, discuss fugitive vs fast dyes, as well as many other topics that will have you ready to explore this amazing process.

Natural Dyeing Demonstration

Natural dyeing intimidates many people.  There are a series of activities that need to be followed to successfully dye fiber, but it is an accessible and fun activity.  In this lecture I will review the basics of natural dyeing and you will leave with the high-level understanding of the process and how to get started.