Natural Dye 101 – Protein Fibers

Natural Dye 101 – Protein Fibers

Natural Dyeing of protein-based fibers (wool, silk, etc) is a wonderful way to explore color.  We will cover the fundamentals of natural dyeing.  Students will leave the class with the necessary knowledge to successfully dye at home.  In a 1-2 day class, we will focus on immersion dyeing.  In a 3-5 day class we will cover immersion dyeing and additional techniques which may include, indigo, space dyeing, and color mixing for obtaining desired colors.  At time of booking recommendations will be given based on the timeframe selected.

 Learning Objectives

Base Learning Objectives

  • Review a brief historical and contemporary context of dyeing.
  • Gain an understanding of the entire process of natural dyeing including scouring, mordanting, dyeing, modifying, washing, finishing, and care.
  • Dyeing will be done with plants and extracts
  • Learn an easy way to test your water for pH and iron.
  • Understand the difference between fugitive and historical dyes known for their fastness.

 Additional Learning Objectives (3-5 day workshop based on additional topics covered)

  • Learn how to create, use, and maintain an organic indigo vat
  • Explore space dyeing
  • Review multiple color mixing methodologies to experiment and obtain desired colors.